Behind the Scenes: The Peaked-Roof One Room Kit

December 05, 2014

Behind the Scenes: The Peaked-Roof One Room Kit

Our special "Peaked-Roof One Room" kit, which we have completed as a wine tasting room, is now available for sale in our shop! This is a piece we have cherished ourselves and are pleased to now be able to share with our customers!

It is an unfinished room box kit with old fashioned door and lattice windows can be finished to create a rustic or Tuscan-style piece. We have used it to create a custom wine tasting shop, complete with tasting barrels and old-fashioned brick oven.

We used California-style red roof tiles and stucco-paint finish to complete the look. Inside we used Wine Bar shelves, which come with several decorative pieces including a cork screw, unopened bottles, crates for storage and Chianti bottle with two glasses poured out. We also included the Crate of Grapes to give it the feeling of actually being located in Tuscany or Napa, as if the grapes were freshly picked and ready to be crushed. We have also included the Bistro Table set and Wine & Cheese Tasting Barrel.

You can view our wine room pieces available in the "Wine Rooms" collection.