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Terracotta Flower Pot (Various Sizes)

Terracotta Flower Pot (Various Sizes)

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About this item:

These hand-poured miniature terracotta flower pots come in various sizes. Please select a size and quantity when adding to cart.


Measurements are taken across the top of the pot. Pots roughly measure:

  • Medium: 1" or 20mm
  • Small: 3/4" or 15mm
  • Extra Small: 1/2" or 10mm
  • Tiny: 3/8" or 5mm

We aim to make sizing miniatures as easy as possible with rulers, quarters and pennies in our product images. Please email us for further measurement details.

Please note:

This is a 1:12 scale miniature for use in dollhouses and is intended for display or gentle play purposes only.

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