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Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plates & Napkins Set

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plates & Napkins Set

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About this item:

Brand new and exclusive to Dollhouse Alley are our incredibly detailed paper party plates and napkin sets - in several styles for any occasion! Each set includes four plates and four napkins, printed on real paper napkins, which are delicately folded just like in real life. Bring your miniature parties to life with your favorite sets!


Each paper plate measures around .75" around - an exact scale miniature of a full sized 9" paper plate. Napkins measure just a little smaller. Photos with measurement details will be uploaded soon.

We aim to make sizing miniatures as easy as possible with rulers, quarters and pennies in our product images. Please email us for further measurement details.

Please note:

This is a 1:12 scale miniature for use in dollhouses and is intended for display or gentle play purposes only.

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